Frankfurt American High School, 1967-1971

2020 Reunion

Celebrating 50 years for the class of 1970!
6/22/2020 to 6/25/2020

2020 Reunion
Photo Credit: Explore Asheville

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Attendees 9
Linda (Reese) du Kor
Linda (Willms) Angle
Chuck Bracker
Ted Schindler
Wayne Miller
Diana (Miller) Daggett
Melinda Holm
Kathryn Cooney
Pete Riddle
Attendees 6
Nora (Nava) Clark
Linda Shelley
Kym Mingus-Denmark
Steve Denmark
Tommy Heflin
Skip Pettit
Attendees 16
Gayle (Spear) Cratty
Mike Doane
Gaye M. (Crosby) Doane
John Zody
Ken Flauding
Linda (Buckles) Brashear
Vince Geremia
Jim Casey
Ginny Cooney
Bobbie Thacker
Lonnie Backus
Lonnie Backus
Carol (Harris) Munsell-Flores
Dawn (Simpson) Thompson
Patricia (Beauparlant) LaLiberte
Bob Foster
Attendees 16
Pam (Geiger)
Pat (Royal) Nicks
Deedee (Johnson) Flauding
Felix Rosel
Jacqueline (Beauparlant) Kleinschmidt
Stuart Pike
Grant Caughey
Pat (Collins) Miller
Rose Anderson
Joyce (Fenton) Jackson
Debbie (Harris) Cowley
Janie Civille
Jane (Collier) Arnold
Randy Brown
Tom Jordan
Bob Passarelli
Attendees 3
Peggy (Rowland) Sanchez
Cindy Hayes
Jimmy Torres
Attendees 3
Barbara (Lunsford) Childs
Mayda (Fortuno) Horner
Kevin Jones
Faculty and other Alumni
Attendees 3
Dianna (Schuler) Nordin '76
Debbie (Salina) Cooper '75
Lara (Batey) Batey-sanders '79