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A Dynasty not to Forget!


Basketball – 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1962
Football – 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962
Track – each year from 1956 through 1962

Noted athletes include: an NCAA national champion,
an NBA player, an SEC team captain and all-SEC defensive back,
and a West Point legend and Rhodes Scholar.

George Kirchner
FAHS Coach 1956-62"

The First Frankfurt Football Team

From the 49 YB    page 122


Frankfurt AYA Rascals, 1971

--- In , "David" wrote: > > Hello everyone,  I just posted a team photo of the Frankfurt Rascals, 1971 @ the FAJHS website. Please take a look...  Are there any current group members besides myself (#44) in this photo? >

Hi, David. I thought I recognized your name. I have the same picture in my album, "The Fields File". Both me and my brother Mike were on that team. I'm #42 on the upper left and Mike is #62, kinda buried in the 2nd row down on the right, behind #27, next to Mike Schiller..." - Greg Fields FAJHS '69-'72

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AYA Eagles 65 Rhein Main Valley Conference Football Champions



Scan by John Zody



Giessen AYA Letterjackets - 67 AYA Champs                        (Click to enlage)                                     photo by??

  I could be wrong, but I think that is Morris Ostroff (69) standing 2nd from the left.  He actually was my Home Ec cooking partner (yep, definitely the cutest and I think the only guy in the class!) our senior year!  I don't know where he was from, and I can't get the yearbook to open to compare pictures.  Maybe someone else can verify... Diane (Moore) Harlow  

My Giessen cheerleading letter   By Mary Ilseng 


1965 Frankfurt AYA baseball team                                                                                                                            from Darl Sams 67

" picture of the AYA team for Frankfurt in 1965.  The picture was taken at the Drake/Edwards baseball field.  The high school never had baseball as a scholastic sport (at least during this time frame).  The team did play many of the high school towns in Germany - K-town, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden, Stuttgard.  We ended the season with a double header against an American high school team from France.  We took the title of European Champs that year.  The roster was:

Row 1:  Coach Sams, Tom Tegge 67, Lyle Mathews 65, Jim Conway 66, Jim Gibson 67, Ben Cobian, Bill Price 65, Bob Farmer 66, Darl Sams 67, Gary Sams 65, Mike McGuire 67


Row 2:  Mike Wheeler 67, Larry Stieber 65, Bill Long 65, Anibal Gutierrez 67, Bill Wojahn 65, Dave Henderson 67, John Heckman, Phil Bepko 67, Claus Demoore 67, Bob Bepko 66, Larry Phelps 67, Joe Caldwell 67"



Summer '64  Frankfurt Babe Ruth Baseball Article - click image for larger version


This article contains many alumni from 1967 during the summer between their 9th-10th grade years.

Glasebrook 67, Caldwell 67, Hayes 66, Smith 67, Teggie 67, Wheeler 67, Bepko 67, Phelps 67, Salazar 67,  Hall 67, Giles 66, Oliver 67, York 66, Gusten 67, Carpenter ?, Henry ?, McGuire 67, Conley 67, Vasquez ?, Shank ?, Moore ?, Jack ?,  Henson ?, Burford ?, Hook 68, Moss 67, Sams 67, Cardullo 67

You will need to get out your 65 or 66 yearbook to find many of them.
Darl 67


     I played with these guys. Our games were at the baseball field in Platten. The Frankfurt American was a weekly news magazine (like Parade) that came out every Saturday.
                                                       Rick 69 
Phil Bepko lives in San Antonio, last I checked, but I don't have his email address.  I wrote to Stuart Knowlton to see if he remembers the paper/article and asked him to pass it on to Phil (who has a popular band there in SA).
-- Buddy '69


  Felix Rosel


Pat Willis and me after football game at home 1969 - Felix Rosel '70 - #70


#70 Felix Rosel Recovers Fumble - 1968

#70 Felix Rosel Makes Tackle - 1968



Felix's Helmet at the 2008 Reunion - The Last Known Surviving Eagles Helmet  

From Ray Pollard '70

Tony Brown '70 (1970) (larger image)

Mike Bettez '71 (1970) (larger image)

Joe Santiago, Cross Country 1970 (larger image)

Larry Cain 1970 (larger image)


Pom Poms 1970      click images to enlarge


Basketball 1970      click images to enlarge


1967-68 Sports


67-68 FAHS Varsity Football                                                                                                                             click image to enlarge

Football Scores

Blue Division Champions

See Yearbook Pages        Color Team Photo

Sept. 23     Frankfurt   8       Ludwigsburg 26  
Sept. 30     Frankfurt   12       Wiesbaden 6  
Oct. 7     Frankfurt   18       Kaiserslautern 0  
Oct. 14 ? Frankfurt 28 London 8
Oct. 21     Frankfurt   14       Wiesbaden 8  
Oct. 28     Frankfurt   28       Kaiserslautern 0  
Nov. 4     Frankfurt   21       Lakenheath 8  


67-68 FAHS JV Football                                                                                                                           click image to enlarge


67-68 FAHS  Cross Country                                                                                                            click image to enlarge

Cross Country Scores

See Yearbook Pages

(low score wins)

Sept. 23     Frankfurt   25   W   Ludwigsburg 30  
Sept. 30     Frankfurt   30   L   Wiesbaden 25  
Oct. 7     Frankfurt   31   L   Kaiserslautern 24  
Oct. 14 Frankfurt 56 L Heidelberg 41
                L   Ludwigsburg 46  
                W   Munich 102  
                W   Karlsruhe 138  
Oct. 21     Frankfurt   44   L   Kaiserslautern 38  
                W   Wiesbaden 66  
                W   Berlin 127  


    Basketball (9-1)      
    Blue Division Crown      
    Frankfurt     64   W     Ludwigsburg     61
    Frankfurt     74   W     Ludwigsburg     40
    Frankfurt     87  


    Nurnberg     45
  Frankfurt   82


  Nurnberg     54
    Frankfurt     58  


    Wiesbaden     69
    Frankfurt     85   W     Wiesbaden     59
    Frankfurt     58   L     Munich     69
    Frankfurt     90  


    Munich     69
  Frankfurt   56


  Kaiserslautern     47
    Frankfurt     59  


    Kaiserslautern     58
    See Yearbook Pages       


JV Basketball perfect 10-0 vs Ludwigsburg, Nurnberg, Wiesbaden, Munich, Kaiserslautern


Varsity Squad Members

Soccer Scores

Third Place, Blue Division

Season Record:  Wins 2, Losses 2, Ties 1


May 18     Frankfurt 1      Wiesbaden  1


See Yearbook Pages 

Harry Grinrod - Goalie
Ralph Gary - Fullback
Bob Selton- Fullback 

Bob Schanzer - Cenerhalf
Harold Foster Halfback
Charley Haywood Halfback
JV Soccer  SITTING: Rake, Witt, Higgins, Snider, Trodson STANDING: Taylor, Johnson, O'Connell, Lerch, MacGregor, Finfel, Fitzgerald, DeCoste, Belford, Mason, Ferritor, Lundberg, Strickland, Mullinex, Lynne Haight (sponsor)


Track 68

Track 68 - Bradshaw, Ayers, R. Hall, Collins, Chesney, Low, Caughey, Fourney, Matthewson, Frangedakis, Johnson, Julian, Prejean, Carter, James, Garrett, Tham, Sperber, Chapman, Rosel, O'Conner, Smith, Dew, Taylor, Godfray, McBee, Russell, Owens.  Messier, Turner, coaches.


Wrestling 68


JV Wrestling 68


Golf 68




See Stars & Stripes FAHS Sports news and Sport Event Programs on Carole Morelli's Page

1968-69 Sports



(click image for larger version)      Yearbook Page


69 Soccer Scores

Blue Division Champions 6-0-1

        Frankfurt   2       Wiesbaden 2  
        Frankfurt   2       Kaiserslautern 1  
        Frankfurt   3       Manheim 1  
Frankfurt 1 Stuttgart 0
        Frankfurt   2       Heidelberg 1  
        Frankfurt   1       Munich 0  
        Frankfurt   2       Nuernberg 0  

JV Soccer

Coach -- Arthur Haight
Larry Cain
Tom Conners
Ron Fitzgerald
Mike Geissler
Ron Hardin
Wayne Johnson
Bob Kingwell
Gerald Lippert
Joe Mayer
George Nandor
Ray Pollard
Craig Tiede
Gunther Turner
Randy Turner
Gary West



Fencing 68-69






68-69 Tennis




1969-70 Sports

70 Yearbook Sports Pages

Football Scores

Blue Division Champions

Click image for a larger version

See Yearbook Page                             click image for a larger image

        Frankfurt   7  


  Heidelberg 18  
        Frankfurt   26  


  Stuttgart 12  
        Frankfurt   25   W   Wiesbaden 0  
Frankfurt 7 W Kaiserslautern 6
        Frankfurt   41   W   London 16  
        Frankfurt   33   W   Stuttgart 0  
        Frankfurt   20   W   Wiesbaden 14  


Cross Country (3-1-1)


See Yearbook Page   (low score wins)

  Frankfurt     15 W Heidelberg   45  
  Frankfurt   29 T Stuttgart 29  
  Frankfurt   26 W Wiesbaden 29  
  Frankfurt   37 L Kaiserslautern 18  
  Frankfurt   15 W London 45  

Click image for larger version

J.V. Football  (4-3)

See Yearbook Page  

    Frankfurt       24         Heidelberg 0
    Frankfurt       0         Wiesbaden 24
    Frankfurt       46         Stuttgart 0
    Frankfurt       22     Kaiserslautern 0
    Frankfurt       24         Berlin 0
    Frankfurt       0         Bad Kreuznach 22
    Frankfurt       20         Wiesbaden 28

                            click image for a larger image

    Basketball (7-7)      
    See Yearbook Page       
    Frankfurt     52   W     Nurnberg   47  
    Frankfurt     64   W     Nurnberg   44  
    Frankfurt     53  


    Mannheim   64  
  Frankfurt   77


  Mannheim   76
    Frankfurt     58  


    Kaiserslautern   64  
    Frankfurt     50   L     Kaiserslautern   75  
    Frankfurt     50   L     Heidelberg   59  
    Frankfurt     52  


    Heidelberg   48  
  Frankfurt   48


  Munich   78
    Frankfurt     67  


    Munich   81  
    Frankfurt     69   L     Wiesbaden   76  
    Frankfurt     75   W     Wiesbaden   70  
    Frankfurt     86  


    Stuttgart   56  
  Frankfurt   79


  Stuttgart   51


J.V. Basketball (8-6)


See Yearbook Page 

      Frankfurt   50   W   Nurnberg 36  
      Frankfurt   44   W   Nurnberg 37  
      Frankfurt   40  


  Mannheim 24  
      Frankfurt 68


Mannheim 30
      Frankfurt   45  


  Kaiserslautern 61  
      Frankfurt   49   L   Kaiserslautern 51  
      Frankfurt   58   W   Heidelberg 43  
      Frankfurt   46  


  Heidelberg 54  
      Frankfurt 72


Munich 48
      Frankfurt   63  


  Munich 53  
      Frankfurt   44   L   Wiesbaden 67  
      Frankfurt   42   L   Wiesbaden 64  
      Frankfurt   59  


  Stuttgart 37  
      Frankfurt 48


Stuttgart 52


Varsity Soccer


J.V. Soccer


Track -- 1970 USDESEA Champions

See Yearbook Page



See Yearbook Page 1   Page 2





Winning streaks: (15 or more)

#1 28  Ansbach 02-03-04-05 (Marcus George)
#2 26  Ramstein 94-95-96 (Bob Ermel)
#3 24  Shape 81-82-83 (Steve Sherrill)
#4 20  Frankfurt 71-72-73-74  (Don Drakulich) *pre-playoff era

All time DoDDS coaching records (work in progress)

Kenny McNeeley (34 years)163-70
Marcus George (20 years)126-33

Don Drakulich (24 years)117-44-2

European Champions (by year):
*Note: Prior to 1975, Stars and Stripes (Ben Abrams) picked a mythical European Champion.
Division I
1976 Frankfurt (Lynn Haight) beat Mannheim (Gary Trauger) 22-16






Nuremberg Stadium 1970    In this photo: Wayne Crafton, Steve Miller, Gaylord Kalani Holomalia, Jim Sweigart

Added by Gaylord Kalani Holomalia 
to the group "Frankfurt American High School 1967-1971"

Nuremberg Stadium 1970  In this photo: Joe Chapman, Dave Kelley, Wayne Crafton, Joe Chapman,
 Dave Kelley, Wayne Crafton, McIntosh, John Lingren, Brent Courtney, Cade, Jim Sweigart

Added by Gaylord Kalani Holomalia 
to the group "Frankfurt American High School 1967-1971"

Gaylord on the In Music Today Page

From Jimmy Torres

see tagged image and comments on Facebook

1971 Track Photo

Front Row l-r: Richard Cade; Jim Wilson; Wayne Crafton; Mike Fitzpatrick; Jimmy Torres, Frank Plummer; Kirk Tweedie; Tony Lucero; Tucker Grills; Student Manager Ricky LovettSecond Row l-r: Warren Webb; Jim Smith; Bill Danzeisen; Chyarles Monroe;Greg Rhodes; David Smith; Dennis Gitt; Mike Hendrix; Rick Morgan; Tom Bazaar; David BurkhalterThird Row l-r: Student Manager Terry Fielding; Robert Bleich; Jim Sweigart; Maurice Frizzel; Ed Ketchmore; Kevin Long; Nathan Robinson; Willie Pierce; Al Perry; Jimi Frazier; Al Davis; Student Manager Jim Vedock Back Row l-r: Coach Don Drakulich; Jerry Kriklas; Mr. Cooper; Curtis Fulford; Shawn Smith; Kent Parks; Mike Dabbert; Arnie Curtis; Cecil Hersey; Tim Lewis; Jeff O'Donnell; Coach Lloyd Morrow



71 Track Team                                                                                                                                              from Jim Wilson

Front Row l-r: Richard Cade; Jim Wilson; Wayne Crafton, Mike Fitzpatrick; Jimmy Torres, Frank Plummer; X X X; Student Coach Ricky Lovett
Second Row l-r: X X X X,  Greg Rhodes; David Smith;X X X X; David Burkhalter
Third Row l-r: Student Coach Terry Fielding; Robert Bleich; Jim Sweigart; Maurice Frizzel; Edward Ketchmore; Kevin Long; Nathan Robinson; William, Perez; Al Perry; Jimmi Frazier; X; Student Coach
Back Row l-r: Coach Don Drakulich; Jerry Krikelas;; Coach ?; Curtis Fulford; X X Mike Dabbert; Arne Curtis; X X X Coach Lloyd Morrow


Jim Wilson (#52&87) Images posted on a gallery

VS. Wiesbaden                                                                                              

 Frankfurt Football 1991   From the album: FAHS Mementos by Tracy Gilchrist




more sports in the 76 Yearbook     also on Class of 76 page

click image to enlarge               go to image and comments on Facebook

Added by Gerald Smith to the group "Frankfurt American High School"        go to image and comments on Facebook

Back row left to right, Coach Drak, Mike Billings, Jim Murphy, Warren Bizub, Keith Pierce, Lajaun Sawyer, Marcus Cade, Wille Brunett, Mark Julian, Ricky Hall, Next row down, Larry Mcdonld, Rick Post, Don Hodson, Nick Motsko, Bill Simons, T.D. Gauiden, Bruce Fye, Melvin Merritt, Gerald Mack, Howard Dimick, Coach Halley, Next row down, Bill Reinhart, Ken Mathieu,xxxxxxxxxxx, Jim Bandy, Scott Bangert, Julio Gongales, Ron Kaloplastos, Dean Parry, Karl Gutierreg, Lewis Smith, Bottom row, Mike Rosen, Tim Cruz, Paul Ellermets, Jerry Smith, Bill Kopp, Eugene Price, Lynn Doering, Dave Phillips, David Quantock, Jose Cumba. I missed one, can't make him out. On my right.- Jim Bandy 


We were all playing for the 3rd Armored Div. Spearheader Army soccer image to enlarge

From Cyril Sawyer,   Sent: December 15, 2011 , To: Dennis V. Berwyn, Subject: FW: I found the Soccer picture
Comment on this on Facebook here
Hi Dennis,

Wie gehts? Can you use this photo for your website? It contains a few FAHSer’s; 1st row, 3rd from left Stan Morgan (1975)
and to his right Roger Marino (1974). Top row, far left Mike Rosen (demented & confused looking character, 1976) & Cyril Sawyer to his right (1975). This photo was sent to me by Teri Lowry, Stan’s girlfriend.

This photo was taken in 1976 in the Taunus Mountains in a sleepy, little village on a Saturday. We were all playing for the 3rd Armored Div. Spearheader Army soccer team in a German soccer tournament.

We had a really good team and placed second in the tournament (we lost to the pre tournament favorite 1:0) and 2 of our best players were absent that day. We were the only non-German team in the tournament and the villagers were convinced we were really German soldiers in disguise; they refused to believe us that we were really Americans (although we did have 2 Germans on our team).
We even had some of the German children come on our bus to get our autographs. Needless to say we had a great time.

The only reason we joined the 3rd Armored Div. soccer team was because after every game we were given DM 100 to eat and drink Bier w/the opponents (they were always German teams) to improve German – American relations and boy did we try to improve relations!

This photo was taken shortly after the championship game w/our goalie working on German - Americans relations and Roger is holding up our certificate.

Ciao, Cyril


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