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John Teleska '68
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Jody Cortez   comment about this section on Facebook

Jody Cortez (Class of 78) played Drums on tour with Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young on their 25 anniversary tour culminating in Woodstock II. He got my wife and me tickets and a backstage pass to the show at Cincinnati Riverbend...

I am the brother of Anthony (FAHS 78), and he and Jody were best friends. We met the Cortez’s in Mannheim in 72-75 and when we moved to Frankfurt in 75 they moved to Fulda and Jody ended up as a “Dormie”. His Brother Dean (who I don’t think ever went to Frankfurt) played bass with a group, CALDERA as well as others. Jody was involved with the band in school and I remember being with him in a couple of jam sessions and he could listen to a song on the radio and immediately play the song. He even played as a studio musician for Paramount or Universal pictures. I will get in touch with Jody and see if he will share a few stories with us.
Also his friends back in LA growing up were Jeff and Steve Pocoro and Steve Lukather(sp?), they formed the rock group TOTO, (Toto played for Boz Scaggs before they formed). - Mike Hurtado 5/2/11

77 YB Junior Photo

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William MacGregor, Welcome to the Carnival 2007
Cinderella, Gold 2006
David Crosby, Greatest Hits Live 2003
Chicago: The Box (Bonus DVD) 2003
Christopher Cross, Greatest Hits Live 1999
Paul Williams, Back to Love Again 1999
Christopher Cross, Window 1995
Crosby, Stills & Nash, After the Storm 1994
Christopher Cross, Rendezvous 1993
Peter Cetera, One More Story 1988
Cinderella, Night Songs 1986
Stone Fury, Burns Like a Star 1984
Louise Goffin, Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1982
"Jody Cortez is a drummer who began his professional career at the age of 21 when he began to tour with Boz Scaggs in 1981.

Jody Cortez has worked with David Crosby[1] and played on the live version of the hit single "Hero" by Crosby and Phil Collins. In 1994, Cortez toured with CSN for the 25th Anniversary Tour, including Woodstock 2." - from

World Tours:
1981-1983 Boz Scaggs
1984- Brenda Russell, T.J. Parker
1989-1995 David Crosby
1990-2001 Christopher Cross

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"Drum legend, Jody Cortez (Boz Scaggs, Crosby Stills & Nash, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Jackson Brown, Christopher Cross, Billy Idol, Mike McDonald, Steve Lukather, Cinderella, Jody Watly, Chicago, Woodstock 94, the Porcaro Brothers and many more) has laid down the most infectious disc of grooves you'll ever hear."


Jesse Boleyn (Ray Bowling) '69



Copyright ©2010 Jesse Boleyn, Abernathy Smyth Publishing House, all rights reserved                        on Youtube
Oktoberfest 2012        Oktoberfest 2012 (2)

l-r   Joe Berngardt, Cass Elias, Jane Eyler, Jesse    image source


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Paul Kotapish '70    Wake the Dead

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from  Download PDF Promo Packet

"Paul Kotapish—Equally confident and inventive on every fretted instrument, Paul has distinguished himself on the stage for over twenty years. Most recently, Paul has made a name for himself with his concerts and recordings with Kevin Burke’s Open House, a headlining act in Celtic and international folk festivals across the country. His blazing guitar and mandolin work also help drive The Hillbillies From Mars, the Quirks, and the tasty trio Euphonia."

Paul Kotapish, ''70 plays mandolin with Wake the Dead; a blue grass version of the Grateful Dead, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Karin 72    -  Thanks Karin!



Tribute to the tribute band. Me (Dana Cox) imitating friend Paul Kotapish at Wake the Dead concert 6.5.10 in Seattle


Mike Calloway '71  002 For your ears only  
New! Lots of new 002 songs to litsen to here:

See Mike Calloway's (71) new band 002's  webpage

Listen to some of Mike's Music here:



  David Bach '71 -- Jazz Piano  

A listen to sound clips from the CD "Deep Breath"


images from Press Kit Photos


         BET Promo Video on YouTube

Live at Bowie Concert Series
(David Bach Consort)

David Bach Quartet plays Take the A Train

Shady Grove '71-'72

George & the Rockets '71


David Lee Howard


12 String Acoustic Wizardry









see background and more images at


Heike Zastrow's Photos - Country Music Messe Berlin 2011 

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David Lee Howard there I was surrounded by ancient Hofners all around me calling out to me, me retro, brother....................
From the album: 
2. Messetag / GuitarPoint-Stand / 7. April 2011
 by Guitarpoint





Anthony Brown '71


Percussionist, composer, ethnomusicologist and Guggenheim Fellow Dr. Anthony Brown is a seminal figure in the contemporary California creative music scene, directing the Asian American Orchestra in addition to performing with some of the foremost musicians in jazz today...  More

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  Images of my Current Orchestra
           Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra on Facebook



Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra  
"(8-15-08) Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra at "Ten": New CD + Yoshi's San Francisco Show on 9/11"

(background photo)"...Mom and Dad, Sumi Ogita and Willie Brown, photo taken in Tokyo, Japan, 1950 (after their wedding)" -AB

Images from AAO at Yoshi's 9-11-8

listen itunes amazon
 February 10, 2009
10th Anniversary Celebration
"Bridging Japantown and the Fillmore with Jazz"

Yoshi's San Francisco
Thursday, 11th of September, 2008, 8 & 10 pm

September 23, 2009

From San Francisco, Lonny Shavelson takes you inside a rehearsal of The Asian American Orchestra. The group is rehearsing for tonight's concert, which will be an international homage to jazz giant John Coltrane. Today would have been Trane's 83rd birthday. You can hear the radio piece at


Saturday, 9/18/2010, 7:30PM
Blackman Theatre
Northeastern University Boston
Featuring Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra, "India & Africa"






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Gaylord Holomalia 71 -- Kalapana

Gaylord on Facebook

"...and Gaylord Holomalia who is the keyboard wizard who provides the technical know how reflected in all the current Kalapana releases. As a producer/ recording engineer/ musician, he has worked with some of the best, including Cecilio & Kapono, Olomana, Country Comfort, Marvin Gaye and Japan's, RC Succession. He's also received gold and platinum RIAA awards for his work on Crosby, Stills & Nash's "Daylight Again" LP for Atlantic Records."


Kalapana on Facebook

Back in the day...reposting a couple of pictures I found while at Seawest yesterday.  I worked with Marvin Gaye for a month at Seawest Studios when it was located in Hauula. He and I were watching an NBA playoff game and my team won so he had to pay me $1. He also showed me how he could play "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" on all the black keys, very cool. 
I worked on the CSN "Daylight Again" album for 3 months and was the only "hawaiian guy" on the sessions. They missspelled my name on the album, "Holamalaya" I think. Probably when they were doing credits on the mainland, someone asked about that "hawaiian guy's" last name and that's what they came up with : ) It didn't matter to me though, it was cool just to work with them.
Kalapana videos on YouTube - Click link or image to play
Naturally Black Sand The Hurt

See many search results: Google Search: Gaylord Holomalia        Google Search: Gaylord Holomalia award
selected web search results:

Kapalana Timeline / Where they are now:
Lots of Kalapana songs are on iTunes


Here is some more info on Bepko and Skip Pettit's band.
Here is Bepko's current band.
  • BEPKO, FLETCHER & ROSE / BEPKO, SANTOS & ROSE (See Photos HERE) - (Contributed by Bill Lieber) Bill writes: "Ronny Rose, Phil Bepko and Roger Santos still play here and I have the pleasure of sitting in with both bands. Still there is some of the old clan. And, we're still kick'in. Every time I see them play I get all chocked up." ML writes: Be sure to check out the gallery. I have a pic of BFR taken awhile back before Roger joined. Those guys are real vets of the SA scene going back to numerous bands and lineups in the past. They are still great. (Contributed by Steve Denney) SD writes: "They used to play every weekend at Gallagher's Steakhouse off I-10 and Wurzbach. It was a small, fun, pub-type room and they always had a good crowd. I would go by whenever I wasn't working and they always let me sit in. A great bunch of guys; very versatile musically, always professional to a T, and nice people to boot."


    zody 2-9




    Mitch Bainwohl -- class of 1977

      From: Greg Brown
    Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2007 7:43 AM
    Subject: [Frankfurt_HS_67-71] Re: '69 Ring and other things


    ...BTW, the head of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is a FAHS Alum, class of 1977, Mitch Bainwohl.

    He graduated with my brother, Randy from FAHS--they were good friends.

    Greg Brown '69




    Tom Hardaway '70 - Texas Children's Choir Director

    other links for Tom (as Dr. (Col.) Chief of the Dept. of Behavioral Medicine, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, TX).:




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