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2016 FAHS HoF Inductees
5th Annual Inductees pdf file

 FAHS Sports Hall of Fame Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM (EDT) Atlanta, GA
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Class of 2016 to the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame
 Class of 2016 to the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame. Their induction will take place on Saturday April 30, 2016 at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mike Campbell – ’59 (Football)
Roosevelt Hill – ’59 (Football, Track)
Mac McConnico – ’59 (Football, Track)
Gary Wassner – ’59 (Football, Track)
John Flournoy – ’62 (Basketball) *deceased
Eric Thamm – ’69 (Track, Cross Country)
Al St. Amour – ’73 (Wrestling, Football)
Frank Pinchichero – ’74 (Football, Wrestling)
Eugene Price – ’74 (Football)
Jeff Rarig – ’75 (Wrestling, Football)
David Quantock – ’75 (Football)
Micky Trivonovich – ’75 (Soccer)
Kathy Webb-Murphy – ’75 (Basketball)
Marcus Cade – ’76 (Football)
Willie Hogan – ’76 (Basketball, Track)
Anthony Jackson – ’77 (Football)
Kristin Dinges Hruby – ’78 (Track)
Gretchen Tupy – ’81 (Gymnastics)
Melih Oztalay – ’81 (Soccer)
Selim Oztalay – ’83 (Soccer)
Wes Corbett – ’90 (Cross Country, Track)
Tina Rice –’91 (Basketball, Volleyball, Track)
Ron Shopbell – 1973-1979 (Wrestling)
1976 Undefeated Football Champions

2015 FAHS HoF Inductees
4th Annual Inductees pdf file

 FAHS Sports Hall of Fame Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM (EDT) Atlanta, GA
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Class of 2015 to the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame
Bub Burley (Basketball) ’53
Judy White Myers (Tennis, Cheer) ’57
Jimmy Lemmons (Football) ’58
Andy Chindaranni (Football) ’58
Tommy Sharp (Football, Track) ‘60 *KIA Vietnam
George Leonard (Basketball) ’62
Jacque Allen (Volleyball, Basketball, Track) ‘91
Pete Eshrig (Football) ‘62

Terry Brennen (Football) ’65 *deceased
Harry Grinrod (Football) ‘68
Jimmy Blanks (Football, Wrestling) ‘68
Steve Chapman (Football, Wrestling) ‘68
Bill House (Football, Wrestling) ‘69
Richard Cade (Football, Wrestling, Track) ‘71
 Roger Moreno (Soccer) ‘74
Kevin Hill (Basketball) ‘75
Carl Cubbedge (Soccer) ‘77
Jasmia Prazio (Basketball) ‘79

Jerome Buxcamper (Track) 1958-1963
Pat Farrell (Gymnastics) 1978-1995

1962 Football Champions*
1962 Basketball Champions*
1962 Track & Field Champions*
* “3-peat” Triple Crown Champions

Please join me in congratulating our Triple Crown Champions of 1962!
We are inducting the three 1962 teams of
Coach Kirchner (football), Buxkemper (Track & Field) and Ausra (Basketball).
Carlos Yamill Quiρones

This year we are inducting All Europe basketball star, Bub Burley
 class of 1953 and oldest athlete member of the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame.

Images and Videos from the 3rd Annual FAHS Sports Hall of Fame Celebration
April 5, 2014 , Atlanta, Georgia

2014 FAHS HoF Inductees
3nd Annual Inductees

Official Announcement: Frankfurt American High School Sports Hall of Fame will host its 3rd Annual induction celebration for some of the best in the history of Frankfurt athletics. Please give a warm welcome to the Class of 2014! Twenty six athletes and four coaches from four decades of sports excellence. Words cannot express my gratitude for the amazing support and dedication of our Board members and Frankfurt family. Thank you and I look forward to celebrating our Class of 2014.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 5th 6PM-10PM, in Atlanta, GA. Please save the date and stay tuned for more details.

The FAHS Sports HoF was established in 2012 to identify and honor those who have distinguished themselves in athletics and who, in so doing, have contributed to the pride and prestige of Frankfurt American High School.

On behalf of Carlos Quinones, Executive Director, and the entire Board of Directors, we would like to welcome the class of 2014 to the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame!

Floyd Gross, Class of 1956
Willi Brunn, Class of 1958
Carl Alexander, Class of 1958
Saul Wright, Class of 1958
 David Fedor, Class of 1958
Mike MacNaughton, Class of 1959
Larry Richardson, Class of 1959

Alex Hottell, Class of 1960
Michael O'Nan, Class of 1961
Don Ransom, Class of 1961
Jerry Davis, Class of 1963
John Ellis, Class of 1964
Bernie Smith, Class of 1968
Dan Robinson Class of 1969
Steve Bari, Class of 1969

John Brophy, Class of 1975
Ed Weinberg, Class of 1975
John Van Sickle, Class of 1977
Brenda Givens, Class of 1977
Jay Carpenter, Class of 1978
Doug Stanley, Class of 1979

Wellington Scott, Class of 1980
Skip Morris, Class of 1986

Amos Richardson, Class of 1990
Tito Blount, Class of 1992
Andrea Sparrow, Class of 1994


George Kirchner 1956-1962
George Ausra 1960–1995
James Halley 1973-1979
Karen Seadore (formerly Snyder) 1985-1995 see message

Eagles Uber Alles,
Carlos Quinones ℅ 91
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Doug Stanley, Class of 1979

Jay Carpenter, Class of 1978

Steve Bari, Class of 1969

Dan Robinson Class of 1969

Ed Weinberg, Class of 1975

John Brophy, Class of 1975

John Van Sickle, Class of 1977

Brenda Givens, Class of 1977

Mike MacNaughton, Class of 1959

Larry Richardson, Class of 1959

David Fedor, Class of 1958

Willi Brunn, Class of 1958

Carl Alexander, Class of 1958

Bernie Smith, Class of 1968

Alex Hottell, Class of 1960

Michael O'Nan, Class of 1961
John Ellis, Class of 1964

 A few photos of last year's Hall of Fame reception in Atlanta.
Awesome turnout from alumni, athletes and coaches from 50's-90's. 
Shown here are Hall of Famers Coach Don Drakulich,
Dan Robinson '69, Steve Bari '69, John Ellis '64,
Coach Lynn Haight (RIP), Skip Morris '87, Doug Henderson '73,
Grover Rollins '91, Brenda Givens '77 (first female inductee).
Carlos Yamill Quiρones

Update for 2014 -

 Larry McDonald ( 25 Oct 2013

Hoping this gets the ball rolling?

I had the opportunity to talk with Ed Weinberg last night. He graduated in 1975, was a two time All Europe linebacker, 185 lb wrestling champ (that is where I learned from!), placed in the shot put, and athlete of the year at Frankfurt. He attended West Point and lives in the DC area. He was one of the two influential players I mentioned in my speech. I heard the excitement in his voice about attending the event, which gets me excited. I also believe John Brophy is on board. Another great athlete (football, wrestling), who attended West Point and is a neurosurgeon in the Memphis Tennessee area. Both have very fond memories of their time at FAHS. Coach Drak could speak about them more! Two very solid student-athletes who had the accolades and went on to bigger careers.

I think I will back off a little. It is clear we do not have the activity of the board needed to grow rapidly. What I would suggest is that I put forth the nominations again looking for feedback. I don’t expect a great deal of response, but we will still have input of the coaches and a few of the board. As far as the rings, I spoke with the lady last night and she had a good idea. We could offer it as an option to the inductees, but at their cost. I know I would spring for one and I believe others would as well. That way we do not incur the cost of the rings. When I was speaking with my wife, she said something that made sense. She said I would have been just as happy receiving the framed certificate and spending time with teammates, friends and fellow eagles, so why put a financial burden on the HoF when it isn’t necessary. It was a good point. I will talk to the Balfour rep again and see if she can do a mock up that we could show and if there is interest, we can arrange something (without obligating the HoF). She mentioned she would kick back a percentage to the HoF for each ring sold.

I do have concerns about Coach Kirchner. He was in the hospital recently for an infection. I plan to go see him as soon as I can. Not sure he can make it to Atlanta, but instead of changing the venue to Boston, perhaps I can hook him up with some remote access and a way for him to attend in a virtual way? Any thoughts? He has contact list for all his players and family from their reunions, so we can use the list to contact all the nominees. Maybe if Coach Halley would like to visit Coach K with me?

Notice there is a female on the list. She was an amazing athlete and great person. Besides, from the list we have, we have two classes of inductees! This class has a very old school flavor, but it will be interesting to see alumni support from that era attending. I am pretty sure that we will have a good crowd.

From Karen Seadore (11/14/13) - Here is the information that you requested:

Athletic Director: 1985 to 1995
Health and Physical Education Teacher: 1986 to 1995 Head Coach Girls
Basketball: 86-87 through 94-95
In 1987 and 1988 we were the runners' up in the Large Schools
1991 - Won championship beating Ramstein 48-35 Named
Women's Coach of the Year by the Stars and Stripes
1994- Won Championship beating Heidelberg 56-24 Undefeated
season: 21-0
Head Coach Girls Volleyball: 88 through 95
1988, 1990, 1992 and 1994 - 3rd Place Finish in the Big Schools
1993 - Runner up to Heidelberg
Assistant Coach Girls Soccer: 88 through 95

In 2001, after 5 years at Mannheim HS, teaching and coaching, and then
1 year at Mannheim ES, I was selected as the Athletic Coordinator for
DoDDS-E. I now oversee the athletic program for our 26 DoDDS schools
and 5 international schools that remain here in Europe.

Please let me know if there is anything else you would need from me. I
look forward to hearing from you.


Karen Seadore, CAA
DoDDS-Europe Director's Office
ISS - Athletic Coordinator and Physical Education


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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:15:50 -0400
Major John Alexander Hottell III

Alex Hottell is a nominee for the 2014 Hall of Fame class. In the process of doing my research, I ran across several articles and references to him. Just wanted to share two of them.

document about his life and his self-written obituary.

He was also mentioned in a Time Magazine Article "Too Many Brave Souls" by Jamie Malanowski

- Larry

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A Dynasty not to Forget!


Basketball – 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1962
Football – 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962
Track – each year from 1956 through 1962

Noted athletes include: an NCAA national champion,
an NBA player, an SEC team captain and all-SEC defensive back,
and a West Point legend and Rhodes Scholar.

George Kirchner
FAHS Coach 1956-62"

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2013 FAHS HoF Inductees
2nd Annual Induction Celebration
Atlanta, GA
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1975: "Jerry" Gerald Smith-LB, Bill Kopp-DT
1976: Kevin Mangum-G, Larry McDonald-C, Earl Huff-G, Ted Ferring-OT, Jerry Edwards-OT
1979: Mike Catchings-DT
1986: Curtis Pitts-RB, Ernee Stocker-G
1989: Pierre Taylor-RB
1990: Shawn Nighbert-QB

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The 2012 HoF inductees
Inaugural Celebration
Herndon, VA
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Don Drakulich - Coach
Lynn Haight - Coach
Charlie Toth - Coach
Marcus George - Coach
1969-70: Jim Sweigert -End

1972-73: Doug Henderson - RB/DB
1974-75: Don Hodson - QB/LB
1975-76: Bill Simmons - NG
1976-77: Bruce Fye - QB
1980-81: Greg Booker - RB
1987-88: David Taft - WR/LB
1988-89: Grady Ross - DB, Eric Robertson - RB/DB
1989-90: Scott Bailey - TE, Tommy Block -QB/DB, Davette Patterson - FB/LB
Chris Buscema - OT/DE
1990-91: Mike Korinta - OT, Eric Von Trotha - G/LB, Grover Rollins - RB
Irvin Johnson - LB, Troy Gray WR/DB
1991-92: Sidney Lemora - RB, Webster Langhorne - RB, Eric Valentine - OT/DT, John Iosefo - G/LB, Shawn Highsmith - C
1992-93: Chad Nighbert - QB/DB, Shawn Paylor - RB, Taag Erickson - OT, Kirk Bauer - C, Travis Brown - DE, Jon Bunton - OT/DT, Brad Darnell - LB
1993-94: Bo Browning - G/LB, Jermaine Alexander - RB, OJ Harrison - RB

The First Frankfurt Football Team Photo ( a 48 Team was mentioned in 48 YB )

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From the 49 YB    page 122

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Felix Rosel's Helmet at the 2008 Reunion - The Last Known Surviving Eagles Helmet?  

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See Stars & Stripes FAHS Sports news and Sport Event Programs on Carole Morelli's Page

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