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Paper Sunn


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 09:54:41 -0500 Subject: [Frankfurt_HS_67-71]

I was combing my HAIR this morning & got to thinking...I still have quite a bit of HAIR!  Got me to thinking about the Class of 70 production of, here's our Dana Cox & our sweet Sandi Keim in a lunchtime production, as I recall it.
  - Dutch

Speaking of HAIR...I got to see the German language version of said musical in Munich, during my first year of college at U of Maryland/Munich. Pretty trippy. One thing of note was this gorgeous black woman in the cast, an American named... ... ...Donna Summer!!! Yup...THAT Donna Summer...all "pre-Disco!"

She and her German (either German or Austrian) boyfriend came out to a party at our "Straight White Room" student "coffehaus" at McGraw Kaserne after their performance. (It was neither "white," nor "straight," hence the name.). What a blast...

All the best...Chris Stimson

---looks like next to Sandi is Gina Henderson? Tina McKee? (Dana) Jane Eyler? ??? Josephine

We saw Hair in London during the '70 thespian Easter break trip -- Jane and Gina were
there too, I think, and Dana?

(another photo of that day attached...)


"oh say can you see my eyes
if you can
then my hair is too short"
one that i try to live by


----Thanks for the photo, Dutch! I have very few photos from our lives in Frankfurt back then. I do have 1 album which I began with my 1st camera, a black and white Polaroid but once I got involved with AYA cheerleading, within weeks of arriving, the only photos I have were the ones I was taking myself of flowers and trees and.......well, you GET THE PICTURE!!

Love ya!  (Sandi)

    Ray Charles, Jahrhunderthalle,  Oct. 17, 1969    




The Brat coin is very nice....gottta hold it appreciate it - they did a nice job.
There are many coins out there (commonly ref. as Challenge Coins) for those who'd like to commemorate their Dads service...I've attached a few as well as a Anheuser-Busch tribute.



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