Excerpt from the 1949 Frankfurt yearbook.
Submitted by Ed Pelton '49

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The building we know today as Frankfurt High School has undergone many changes since its initial construction. It was first opened as a German Youth school under the Hitler regime. In 1939, the entire building was remodeled, the main portion was used as a German military hospital, and the the wings as an officers' school by the Wehrmacht. When the allies began to bomb Frankfurt, the building became a storehouse for the furniture of bombed out families and a shelter for the homeless.

V-E day brought the American troops, who used the building as a billets until the dependents arrived, and they transformed it into Frankfurt High School. This is the school we have attended and from which we are being graduated. Of course it has undergone varied changes in these three years. The classrooms have been refurbished with modern desk in place of the wobbly field tables and folding chairs. The chemistry  laboratory and the craft shop have broadened the scope of instruction with the addition of materials and equipment which were not available at first. Regular textbooks have almost completely replaced the paper covered EM manuals which were so prominent the first year. To the regular dinning room was added a snack bar, "Der Kozy Keller", which has provided a wider choice at lunch.

Due to the efforts of the staff and administration, Frankfurt High School now parallels any school in the United States. Despite our division of communities we have united to profit from our common experience to further successfully that element which will make Frankfurt High School the best in the E.C. forever. That element is school spirit.

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