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Adrian Bancker    Contact Me! Texas
Anita (Clarke) Madden  "See Directory!"  California
Ann (Shouse) Rutledge    Contact Me! Texas
Ann Louise Mayers    Contact Me! California
Attila Leslie Kerekes    Contact Me! Rhode Island
Audrey Jean (Brake) Gibson    Contact Me! Oklahoma
Bob Henderson    Contact Me! Maryland
Bob Leftwich    Contact Me! Georgia
Carol (Knapp) Baker  "See Directory!"  Virginia
Carol A. (Williams) Davis    Contact Me! Kansas
Carol J. (Reinhard) Corey    Contact Me! Alaska
Carol Jean (Ravitsky) Spar  "See Directory!"  California
Carole (Fraser) Weiner    Contact Me! California
Catherine (Wallace) Marrs    Contact Me! Georgia
Charles "Chuck" deZafra  "See Directory!"  Missouri
Charles "Ron" Armento    Contact Me! Georgia
Charles Landry    Contact Me! New York
Charles Robert Meyer  "See Directory!"  Colorado
Charles Shellhorn    Contact Me! California
Charlotte Richards    Contact Me! New Mexico
Cheryll May (McDowell) Barsic  "See Directory!"  Texas
Chuck Huff  "See Directory!"  Georgia
Cliff Mahler    Contact Me! New York
Dagmar "Sandy" (Buechel) Davidson    Contact Me! Georgia
Dallas Jaekels    Contact Me! South Carolina
Dan Albert    Contact Me! New Jersey
Dan Jorgensen  "See Directory!"  California
Delrece (Storey) Moore  "See Directory!"  Colorado
Donald "Mac" McAlhany    Contact Me! Michigan
Donald R. Goebel    Contact Me! Florida
Dori Luz  "See Directory!" 
Dorothy (Starratt) Ellison    Contact Me! Oregon
Elizabeth "Libby" (Williamson) Mirhadi    Contact Me! California
Elke (Kauz) Browning    Contact Me! Georgia
Elke Maria (Gillespie) McCoy    Contact Me!       Florida
Ellen (Clancy) Lewis, Dr.    Contact Me!
Frank McHugh    Contact Me!      
Gene Smith  "See Directory!"  Indiana
George David Dobler, Dr.    Contact Me! Minnesota
Harald Karlson  "See Directory!"  Oregon
Jack Benjamin "Aka: benny smith" O'hara, Reti    Contact Me! Georgia
Jack Dale  "See Directory!"  Colorado
Jean (Phillips) Truscott    Contact Me! Texas
Jeannie (Kipers) Scott    Contact Me! Michigan
Jerrold Zimmerman  "See Directory!"  Virginia
Jerry Davis    Contact Me!      
Jerry Traynham    Contact Me! Florida
Jim Cunningham    Contact Me! Texas
Jim Yost  "See Directory!"  Illinois
Jimmie Jeannette (King) Landon    Contact Me! Tennessee
Joan (de Milt) Boddie    Contact Me! Michigan
Joan Kay (Haigh) Hartlein    Contact Me! Washington
Joe Ferguson    Contact Me! Oregon
John Johnston    Contact Me!       Maryland
Judith (Cobb) Seferovich    Contact Me! Washington
Judith (Larose) Coors    Contact Me! Arizona
Kay (Strieber) Schodek    Contact Me! Massachusetts
Ken Neumann  "See Directory!"  Connecticut
Kim R. (Hudson) Worthem    Contact Me!
L. Lane Huckabay    Contact Me!      
Larry Madigan    Contact Me! California
Lawrence "Larry" Slade    Contact Me! South Carolina
Linda (Sabens) Taylor    Contact Me! Georgia
Linda (Topp) Roberts  "See Directory!"  New York
Linda (Youngdahl) Doiron  "See Directory!"  Texas
Lynne (Pederson) Taber  "See Directory!"  Vermont
Marc Goldenberg    Contact Me! Maryland
Marcia K. Morrison    Contact Me!       New York
Maria (Fuentes) Sherman    Contact Me! Virginia
Marlene "Mary" (Cantrell) Lockwood  "See Directory!"  Texas
Marshall Spencer    Contact Me! Michigan
Mary Lynne (Mock) James    Contact Me!      
Michael K. Walker    Contact Me! Arizona
Michael Myers    Contact Me! Michigan
Michael Scott Rankin    Contact Me! Texas
Pamela (Millan) Conner    Contact Me!       Florida
Pamela Osgood    Contact Me! California
Penni (McTaggart) Christnan  "See Directory!"  Colorado
Peter Howells  "See Directory!"  Colorado
Regina (Griffin) Simmons  "See Directory!"  Florida
Robert "Zack" McLees    Contact Me! Washington
Roena (Noe) Parker    Contact Me! Oregon
Rolf Von Hellens    Contact Me!
Ronald L. Quarto  "See Directory!"  Maryland
Russell McCall    Contact Me! South Carolina
Sandra R. "Sandy" (Steinbach) Freiburg    Contact Me! California
Sherian (Shockley) Loudermilk  "See Directory!"  Indiana
Sheryl (Nash) Fritz    Contact Me! Texas
Stephan Michael Becker    Contact Me! Massachusetts
Sue (Fulmer) Grant  "See Directory!"  Colorado
Susan (Hansen) Sprenke  "See Directory!"  Washington D.C.
Susan (Swinburne) Shaw    Contact Me! Washington
Susie Guptill    Contact Me!
Suzanne (Gage) Brainard    Contact Me! Washington
Sylvia Regina (Buechel) Connell  "See Directory!"  Florida
Vikki (LeSuer) Hinkson    Contact Me! California
Virginia (Fishpaw) Comella    Contact Me! Florida
Wendy (Cordo) Kimball    Contact Me! Washington
Wilfredo Julian  "See Directory!"  California
William "Willy" Anderson    Contact Me! Virginia
William C. Evans    Contact Me! Virginia
William W. "Bill" Cox    Contact Me!

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