Frankfurt American High School, 1967-1971

Association Business

Frankfurt American High School Alumni Association
Business Meeting Minutes
Saturday, July 30, 2011
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Meeting was called to order by President Steve Dean at 9:05 AM. He thanked the Reunion hosts and suggested that members consider volunteering to host a reunion in the future.

Approval Of Minutes 2010:

ln the absence of Gayle Spear Cratty, Secretary, President Steve Dean reviewed the 2010 Business Meeting Minutes. Gene Crowley made a motion to approve the Minutes, Skip Pettit seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:

Erik Thamm, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's Report. John Neumeyer made a motion to approve the report and Linda Buckles seconded the motion. Motion carried. Erik Thamm also suggested that the Association consider making changes to the directory and newsletter by making them available electronically. A committee of Steve Dean, Past President, and Erik Thamm, Treasurer, will investigate the cost of publishing these items on the website and advise. There was some discussion about IRS but Erik Thamm advised that the Association had not received any big donations and that the Association is not incorporated and is not a non-profit.

New Business:

Steve Dean, Past President, made a motion to reimburse Bruce Garner for his expenses for all of his work on creating and maintaining the History pages on the website. Becky Bowling Blessing seconded the motion. Motion carried.

  • 2012 San Diego Power Point Presentation:
    Hosts Bobbie Thacker and Chris Jesseman presented information on the 2012 Reunion hotel. The Hospitality Room will open on Thursday, Friday's dinner will be at Buca di Pepe, Saturday's dinner at the hotel. Approximate cost of a room is $125. Mike McCready will again have a wine tasting.
  • Thanking of Officers for their service:
    Erik Thamm, Treasurer, and Gayle Spear Cratty were thanked for their service to the Alumni Association as the treasurer and secretary respectively.
  • Change of Presidency:
    Steve Dean completed his tenure as President and stepped down as VP Grant Caughey assumed the Presidency. Outgoing President Steve Dean was presented with a gift from the Association for his service.
  • Introduction of New Officers:
    President Grant Caughey introduced Vice President Becky Bowling Blessing, Class of 1973; Secretary Pat Collins Miller, Class of 1970; and Treasure Meredith Turner Kellogg, Class of 1972. President Caughey also introduced his wife Vivian Caughey and encouraged all spouses to become involved in the Association.
  • Discussion Item:
    Grant Caughey, President, discussed the status/future of the official webpage with regards to website features Announcements, Thinking of You and Fallen Eagles. Tina Goodrich, '72, volunteered to assist with these website features.
  • Discussion Item:
    Grant Caughey, President, discussed the possibility of integrating the Class of 72 and 73 into the Association. To that end, he is forming a 72/73 Committee to look at this and make a report. VP Becky Bowling Blessing will chair the Committee. Membership will include Treasurer Meredith Turner Kellogg, Secretary Pat Collins Miller plus one Class Representative from another class. The Committee with survey the current Association membership (Classes of 67 -71) for acceptance; survey members of the Classes of 1972 and 1973 for interest. The Committee's expected result is to determine the feasibility of bringing these two classes into membership.
  • Discussion Item:
    Grant Caughey, President, discussed reunions and asked the membership to think about hosting a reunion. Bobbie Thacker, Reunion Committee, has the format to submit reunion proposals.
  • Reunion Photos:
    John Neumeyer announced that he will again be taking class photos on Saturday night before dinner. He will take photos beginning with the Class of 67 and progressing to the Class of 71. He will then take photos of specialty groups such as dormies, etc. He asked that the membership be aware of short windows to take photos. John is also working on a negative restoration project for a large number of negatives submitted by alumni Jim Casey and John Dimsdale.
  • Thanks to volunteers and helpers – Grant Caughey, President, thanked the following:
    Steve Gill (69) Webpage
    Sandy Collins (70) Newsletter
    Bruce Garner (70) History Updates Archive
    Class Representatives 1967: Kathryn Cooney, Mary (Nagel) IIseng, Mike Mccready
    Class Representatives 1968: Kym Mingus-Denmark, Steve Denmark
    Class Representatives 1969: Krys Wages, Ken Flauding, John Zody
    Class Representatives 1970: Pat Collins Miller, Dutch Meeker
    Class Representative 1971: Jimmy Torres

Betty House made a motion to close the Business Meeting, Gene crowley seconded the motion. Motion carried. President Grant Caughey declared the meeting closed at 9:56 AM.

Respectfully submitted.
Pat Collins Miller
FAHSAA Secretary

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